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2/17/2020 8:08 pm  #1

Battle stations!

Show us your setup! 
You can even show us your brewing method if you want.
Include things like brand names of both stoves and fuel used
Personally I use my house's gas stove top, but when traveling I use a really cheap-o butane stove.
I highly recommend butane over propane. It burns clean with no fuel odor, it burns very hot, nice and blue and moves a ton of air.  Propane is often an orange flame, not as hot and if the mixture is funny it will soot.  There is no propane soot tasting note on the flavor wheel.
photos need to be hosted elsewhere and then linked here.  This particular one is from my hiveroaster's facebook, but you can use imgur, pichost or all sorts of other setups.

I may want to use your photo to post on my website, instagram or elsewhere.  By you posting here, you are telling me "ok, please post"  I will credit you if I can figure out who you are, and if you dont want me to post it, just put a note telling me not to.  And if i post your photo and you dont like it, send an email to and I will take it down asap.

Look at that vintage Hive!  Notice the twisted handle frame and unfinished handle.  OLD SCHOOL!  (like almost 4 months!)
I just realized, I still use that base and handle.  Talk about reliable!

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2/19/2020 9:56 pm  #2

Re: Battle stations!

My setup is ever changing, but here it is from a week or so go...

Hive Roaster
Apollo Grinder
83 Cremina 67
78 La Pavoni Europiccola (Gen-2)
74 La Pavoni Europiccola (Gen-1)


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