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2/18/2020 4:54 pm  #1

how to get data from the DATA DOME

Here we will discuss some different techniques for getting the precious data.


2/26/2020 12:27 pm  #2

Re: how to get data from the DATA DOME

So there are many ways to interface with the supplied K type thermocouple which comes with the data dome.

The most popular is a solution from Phidgets.   What they supply are data bridges of different types.  The idea is a thermocouple creates a small amount of voltage which varies depending on heat.  It uses a bimetal connection which is two types of metal connected together which happen to create voltage when heated.
To make something useful of this small voltage, you need some way to read it.
A multimeter can read the small voltage, but it wont tell you anything without conversion, so getting a multimeter with a voltage reader which can read a K type (pretty standard) is another solution.

On amazon there are stand along displays which read out K type thermocouples.

The best, in my opinion is to be able to see the display on a computer. and to do this you need a data bridge.  This converts the small volts to something your computer can read.  Combine this with Artisan Scope freeware or Cropster and you now have exactly the same setup as commercial roasters.  This allow you to see a graph which visualizes your profile as well as displays your rate of rise.  its pretty cool and will really help you to learn how to roast better as you can see the changes to heat input based on your actions.  I enjoy roasting without data personally, so I almost never watch the computer as I roast.  it drives me nuts as I want to mess with the heat all the time, but I love the data I get, so I roast "blind" but save data for reference.   Then when I cup, I review the data and by doing this will improve my skills.

Below is the basic, one input data bridge from Phidgets.  They have a bunch of different solutions, I have a 6 input hub along with a 4 input data bridge, so i can install up to 24 probes if I want.  I kinda want to, just to see the hive bristle with probes.

This is the same company that provides the probe in your data dome, it s a k type, 11 cm.

There is a world of this type of stuff, and some of it may work better than what I have described.  I am so busy smashing out hives that I dont mess around with different options much, I am hoping you guys will post here and come up with the next best thing!

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