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2/26/2020 1:53 pm  #11


Thanks for the nail trick tip Mathew, I'll give it a try! 


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nathanpaulo wrote:

aha! I thought you ordered the purity dome only and wanted to mod it yourself with temperature readings. haha ;) neat! really cool mod indeed. especially for times when you don't have a laptop beside you but still want to see temperatures. perhaps a cool mod idea for farms that don't have access to such technology.

At first I wanted simple, no data, so yes, I just ordered the purity dome. But after a couple roast I realized I had no idea how hot the stove was or it effects on the roast. I thought at minimum having ET (or AT) would help with knowing when to adjust the heat source. The analog thermometer seems to do that well, it's not instant read, but it really doesn't need to be for my reasons. I added the digital BT later because I found it hard to see the bean development through the small hole in the top of the dome. I don't have enough roasting experience to go pruly by smell or sight, so the BT helps. Even if the numbers don't match exactly to a temp chart, it allows me to repeat them when I hit a sweet spot.  

nathanpaulo wrote:

I'm surprised the digital taylor can handle those temperatures. How are your typical readings for both AT and BT during Yellowing and First Crack to your final Drop temp?

I got this thermometer...Taylor Precision Products 9842 Taylor Commercial Waterproof Cooking Digital Instant Read Thermometer, 40 to 450°F, Red
As mentioned, it's hard for me to see the bean developing in the roaster, but using the Sweet Maria's Visual Chart I can say it's pretty close, I dropped at BT of 420 the other day and they looked right on point with the chart. AT is pretty high during the roast, I've been cutting heat back when it hits the 400 range, at that point bean temp is still in the low 200 range (if I recall correctly). This style of roasting doesn't leave you much room to record anything unless you're running software. So I mostly just watch the BT temp and listen for 1C, at that point I start my development timer. So all I have go back on is total time and development time, from there I check DTR...I usually shoot for 20%. 

nathanpaulo wrote:

post some pictures of your roasted beans! I want to see how even you get it despite pausing for a split second to read temp.

Will do, I think they look great and are as even as any other roasts I've done on my Behmor.  

nathanpaulo wrote:

I noticed that my RoR readings on artisan drops a bit whenever I adjust my spinning so as much as possible I never really stop the momentum anymore. Maybe do one round really slow (to peek in the hole) then resume my faster spinning each time. I've also had more even color after doing this.

It's hard for me to monitor that, although I do watch the BT and notice if it seems too fast in the moment, like "crap, I'm at 210 already and I'm only 2 minutes into the roat" that sort of basic RoR

To be honest, the two TCs have made this more complicated than I initially wanted...I bought this for the simplicity of it, the pure visceral feel of oldschool roasting. But I think you need something to help you repeat those roast you love. The TCs do that, even if they are not exactly accurate, they are repeatable, and that in itself gives you something to shoot for.   

I don't think I'll ever go to the data recording route with this roaster (or any for that matter). I think that is simply beyond the level of roosting I care to do. I am very happy with my "seat of the pants" roasting, and with this great little roaster


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